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05 Things that should not be on your CV

After considering a fair amount of CVs, It comes to my attention that most numbers of CVs received are not up to the minimum standards. It does not contain information that the company/ or hiring person wants to know. So let’s talk about how not to write a CV Curriculum Vitae is the first document which interviewer sees about the … Read More

[Travel] Enjoying the Beach and Good Food – Trip To Trincomalee

After having a couple of hectic months in our day to day life,  Finally, we (me and my wify)  were able to spend a couple of days away from our day jobs. Both of us came to an agreement that our destination should be a beach destination (Of course, Wife suggested & I agreed). So it was decided to go … Read More

Persona Based Testing

People who involved in software quality assurance are increasingly being challenged to provide a better coverage of the tests. They are often asked to think like the end users, Be in customer’s shoe in order to deliver a high-quality product. One of the best and interesting way to increase your product quality is to do persona based testing. What is Persona? … Read More

#FloodSL – How you can help

[Last Update 29/05/2017: 01:00 P.M] Sri Lanka is currently facing the southwest monsoon and with the monsoon, like in the last year, there are flooding and displacement. As of now the number of deaths increases to 164 while 104 persons missing. Extreme weather forecasted to continue over next couple of hours/days as well, so the numbers may rise. This year … Read More

Web Accessibility Standards – What, Why and How to Test?

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is an initiative by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The main responsibility of the WAI is to work with the global software community to develop and publish guidelines on web accessibility. In 1999 WAI published the first version of the guideline, named Web Content Accessibility Guideline ( WCAG 1.0 ). In 2008, WAI published the WCAG 2.0, … Read More

Microsoft Visual Studio emulator – Best in the business ?

Visual Studio emulator for Android is a great tool for debugging/deploy Android applications in the windows environment. For me personally, this is a much more convenient android emulator comparing with the Google’s own AVD emulators. Microsoft Visual Studio emulator for android uses the Hyper-V capabilities of the host computer, resulting in a faster launch. So it’s like, No more staring … Read More

Let’s make Sri Lanka Cricket great again!

Sri Lanka lost another home series. This time for Australia Sri Lanka lost the ODI series to South Africa Sri Lanka lost the second test match to Bangladesh Sri Lanka lost the first ODI match to Bangladesh by 90 runs Different opponents, different venues and the same result. It has been a very arduous time for being a Sri Lankan … Read More

Expectations from QA Interns

Internships are great chance to gain the industry exposure and insight of a real life project. Everyone wants to get the best out of the internship. In general, Interns are looking to get a valuable work experience that would benefit them in their future work-life. This is an attempt to give insight from the company perspective, what they expect from … Read More

Pair Testing for Mobile Projects

Recently when I was researching to find an effective way to do pair testing with developers, this little hidden feature in QuickTime grabbed my attention. Pair testing is little bit difficult for mobile projects – especially when you are working with an on-site team. This particular feature on QuickTime will enable to demonstrate your mobile screen to anyone. It may … Read More

Why Sri Lanka needs a good talk show ?

The talk show is a popular television programming concept in the modern era. Mainly one who does TV shows discusses various topics, from politics to gossips to sports. It is also a part of a reality TV concept. This concept has gained a major attraction in the western world, in many cases; the shows have made their hosts famous. Ellen … Read More