Software Testing 101 : Testing types

Today I’m going to talk about one of the widely used to testing type. That is Regression Test.

According to ISTQB (International Software Testing Quality Board), Regression testing is,

Testing of a previously tested program following modification to ensure  that defects have not been introduced or uncovered in unchanged areas of the software, as a result of the changes made. It is performed when the software or its environment is changed.

What is the purpose of the Regression Test?

The purpose of Regression Testing is to verify, if code change introduces issues/defects into the existing functionality. There are so many kinds of possible changes that can impact the existing functionality in an application system. Even the simplest change to the code could impact previously tested functionality.

When should you use Regression Tests?

As in the definition says, Regression testing should occur when code changes are made to a previously tested application. Regression test plan can help to identify the areas of focus/ important areas for the client. This can be created from the input from development team/ QA Team and  client.

Regression testing can occur in :

  1. New features are introduced.
  2. Defects/Issues are fixed.
  3. Database changes

More importantly, Regression testing is a strong candidate for Test Automation.



ISTQB® –This might be the most widely used word in QA community, probably after ‘bug’ ( or ‘Automation’ ) 😉

What is ISTQB?

ISTQB stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board. They are offering set of examinations to evaluate QA professionals across the world. So basically, It’s like SCJP OCJP for Java Developers or MCTS for .NET developers.

Why people prefer to do ISTQB examination ?

Apart from using the title after your name, there are some actual benefits that you could gain by doing this examination.

How It works? 

Right, This is the examination path defined by ISTQB. There are two main categories/ exam types. Foundation Level and Advanced Level. Advanced level has 03 different categories ( Test Manager / Test Analyst /Technical Test Analyst )

Right, Sounds Interesting. How much Do I need to pay ?

You have to pay around 15,000 Rs (For the foundation level exams) and around 25,000 Rs (for the Advanced level examinations). Please note that examination cost are subject to change.

Registration procedure is pretty is simple.

1.Contact agent from Sri Lanka Software Testing Board
2.Pay for exam
3.Study & do the exam
4.Wait for the results ( This may take around 2 weeks )
5.Get the certificate