Let’s make Sri Lanka Cricket great again!

Sri Lanka lost another home series. This time for Australia

Sri Lanka lost the ODI series to South Africa

Sri Lanka lost the second test match to Bangladesh

Sri Lanka lost the first ODI match to Bangladesh by 90 runs

Different opponents, different venues and the same result. It has been a very arduous time for being a Sri Lankan cricket fan. But getting thrashed by a minnow ( Pardon! This word should not be used against Bangladesh anymore ) is not acceptable and mind you, this is Sri Lanka’s sixth straight loss in ODI cricket after following the whitewash in South Africa. So certainly there is something wrong with our setup.

Sloppy in the field

Everyone will agree with the fact that Pakistan team could be the worst fielding unit in the world by a distance. When Sri Lanka won the world cup in 1996, they were one of the best fielding units in the world. Upul Chandana, Roshan Mahanama lead the fielding unit. However, Sri Lanka team at the present is the worst not-the-best fielding unit. Even in the last night, we dropped a catch of the centurion.

No match winners

To be honest, I don’t think we have a genuine match winner apart from Angelo Mathews. Now he is injured, we don’t have that option as well. Yes, We have seen a couple of excellent performances by individuals. Thirimanne, Chandimal, Kusal Janith, Asela Gunaratne all are good performers and no doubt about their talents, but they failed when it comes to delivering continuously.

Post Sanga – Mahela era / Transition period

Sanga and Mahela were great ambassadors for Sri Lankan cricket for a long period of time. But we are forever in the transition period since their retirement. Individuals who have been identified as the replacements for Sanga and Mahela are failing continuously.

As Chandimal said in the post match conference, Sri Lanka can’t continue to use ‘Transition’ as an excuse for poor performance.

Wrong selections?

Honestly, I don’t think we are selecting our best players to the squad and the match. We have tried so many different players across all formats since 2015 and found only very few successful candidates.

Another point related to this could be that we don’t have specialist players for the different formats ( I’m quite not sure where we can put Thisara Perera, specialized pinch hitter may be? ), There are certain players who can play better T20 cricket than Test or ODI. But we tend to pick same team/ same set of players for all formats. The only exception was the last Australian tour, we picked ideal T20 players for the series and result was in our favor.

Politics / Domestic structure & First class cricket

This has been another hot topic for a very long time and nobody has a genuine plan / or solution for this. It’s no secret that the gap between first class cricket and test cricket is massive. Former captain Mahela had given a proposal for a domestic structure and apparently, it’s not gonna happen in this lifetime.

On top of all these problems, Sri Lanka is now facing a danger of not qualifying to 2019 cricket world cup. So we have a problem!

We all love cricket as a nation! We all are passionate about the cricket! We understand that this is a game, We can accept defeats, but with a fight!

So humble request to everyone, including Sri Lanka cricket board, selection panel, anyone who can make a difference – Let’s unite and Let’s make Sri Lanka cricket great again!

Expectations from QA Interns

What Industry really expects from a Quality Engineering Intern?

Internships are great chance to gain the industry exposure and insight of a real life project. Everyone wants to get the best out of the internship. In general, Interns are looking to get a valuable work experience that would benefit them in their future work-life.

This is an attempt to give insight from the company perspective, what they expect from an intern & how a person should prepare for a QA Internship interview.

I don’t have any project exposure, Will it be a problem?

Of course not, We know that you don’t have the real project experiences. So we won’t ask questions on that. But If you are applying for an internship, then you are probably a third-year or fourth-year university student. You should probably go through a couple of university projects. So expect questions from these projects/project related areas. Your contributions to the project / your role in the project will be a good starting questions for interviewers.

Do I need to know about QA terminologies?

We don’t expect you to remember the ISTQB definition of testing terminologies. But the basic level of understanding is expected. You are applying for a QA Internship, so you should know about test Cases, basic testing types, test designing techniques, defect life cycle.

In addition to above, you should be able to explain/demonstrate your knowledge in test case document/Defects. If someone asks you to name few items in a test case, Please don’t start with Test Case ID, There are far more important things in a test case other than the test case ID 🙂

Do I need to know about automation testing/performance testing?

Depends. We don’t expect vast knowledge about automation/performance testing from a QA intern. But it would be a huge advantage for you If you know anything about automation testing or performance testing. If you are passionate about the non-functional testing or If you read about these testing types, do share your knowledge/ learning to the interview panel. The company would be much pleased to recruit you.

I learn quality assurance in my final year and I got A+ for this, Do I need to prepare for the interview?

Yes, Still you need to prepare! You should prove your worthiness to the interview panel, then only they will recruit you. Remember nobody gives you anything for free. Also, interview panel won’t ask you straightforward questions from what you learned in your final year, they will try to apply it to a real-world scenario. So be prepared for questions like that!

How to face/prepare for a QA Internship interview

  1. First go through your CV as much as you can. Interviewers can ask questions based on things you’ve mentioned.
  2. Speak clearly to the questions. Good communication skills are much expected from QA professionals.
  3. Be prepared to design test cases for given scenarios.
  4. Be ready to write simple SQL statements or simple program ( on your preferred language )
  5. Expect some impromptu questions, to test your analytical skills / logical thinking skills – Something like writing a pseudo code for a scenario.

Hope this little piece of points are good enough for you to nail your next internship interview!

Pair Testing for Mobile Projects

Recently when I was researching to find an effective way to do pair testing with developers, this little hidden feature in QuickTime grabbed my attention. Pair testing is little bit difficult for mobile projects – especially when you are working with an on-site team.

This particular feature on QuickTime will enable to demonstrate your mobile screen to anyone. It may come in handy If you want to demo a feature / explain a bug to a developer.

This how you can do this!


  • iPhone / iPad running on iOS 8 with lightning cable
  • Mac running on OS X 10.10 – Yosemite

How to record screen

  1. Connect the device to Mac via USB.
  2. Open QuickTime Player on Mac
  3. Select File -> New Movie Recording
  4. By default QuickTime will select the face-camera. Click on the arrow alongside the record button to select the device
  5. Click on the record button & you are done!

If you can share your screen via any good screen share service, Developer would be able to see the stuffs you are doing on your device screen and that would make everyone’s life more easier.