My thoughts on the ‘How to get rich’, Book about/by ‘Donald Trump’

Right folks, This is some random thought that came into my mind which I am executing. Reviewing a book requires an enormous amount of knowledge in books. I am not an expert critic. But this is my attempt to tell about certain books. More importantly how I feel after reading a book.

I love reading anything. I was a bookworm when I was in the school. I have missed reading books last couple of years. I usually spend a few thousand rupees each year to buy books ( which I tried to reduce from this year onward ). Colombo International Book Fair is one of most important event that I am not trying to miss on each year. Big Bad Wolf is also becoming to be a competitor.

My interest has changed from fiction to biographic recently. Following visionary leaders could be the reason for this. Big Bad Wolf 2018 edition had lots of biographic, I got a couple of them.
This doesn’t mean that I have stopped reading fictions. I still love reading them whenever I got a chance. Dan Brown is still my favorite author to the date.

Also, I love to read books about Buddhism. I have a collection of books about various topics taught in Buddhism.

Right now I am reading a book called “How to get rich” By Donald Trump and Meredith McIver. I have purchased this on Colombo International Book Fair two year back. I will share my thoughts on next post.