[Webinar] Become a Business + Quality Enabler

I was featured in a webinar where me and my work colleague talked about how being a business and quality enabler.

I had a chance to be a part in a Quality Engineering webinar hosted by 99X Technology along with one of my work colleague, Tharindra Jayamaha – Associate QA Architect at 99X Technology. 

First, we talked about the common misconception about the quality assurance. Many people think that quality assurance is just the testing. We explained that there are more things to the quality assurance that the testing. Then we talked about how quality assurance professionals can think differently to deliver a high quality product. There we talked about using journey maps and Personas.

We also talked about important of understanding the users. Tools that qa professionals can use to identify / understand the users. Finally we explained the importance of being a quality + business enabler to your project.

Then we had a QnA session. We received lots of questions and hopefully we were able to answer every one of those questions. 

Here is a recorded video link for the webinar

“How to Get Rich” – Donald Trump and Meredith McIver

My thoughts on the ‘How to get rich’, Book about/by ‘Donald Trump’

I saw this book at CIBF (Colombo International Book Fair) in 2017. This book immediately caught my attention and title could be a one of the reason. Also, there is Trump’s quote in the book – “Five billion reasons why you should read this book”. This is the economy edition of the original book, So it doesn’t have the colored images. If I am not mistaken this was priced under 1000 LKR. This was first published in 2004 by Ballantine Books. This has around 300 pages with 06 chapters.

From the readers perspective when I bought this, I was expecting to read some insight information on how he(trump) made the deals. 

I also think chapter arrangement could have been better. Sometimes it feels that chapters added without any proper sequence. It feels that he is explaining a bunch of his life stories. This is not by far the best book I have read. but this could be an interesting book for those who like autobiographies/biographies.

Everyone will not like this book, the way he writes/ or the way he explains things. Most of the examples in this book are about Trump’s personal experiences. How he works / How he manages things etc. This book is written in a unique way (Trump’s way).

My rating for the book is 5/10.