2019 – Review

Last few days of the year, In fact, this is the last few days of this decade. In about 05 days we will be heading to a new decade – 2020! In a retrospective of the last decade, It was quite an interesting one. Definitely a roller coaster ride.

Completing high school, Starting the professional life, switching different workplaces, falling love and getting married, Starting new hobbies, Getting healthier, Lifestyle changes, Forming some life long habits are certainly a few highlights of this amazing decade.

The last year of 2019 was also superb! Incredible year in terms of personal victories and achievements.

2019 started with getting an award from my workplace, 99X Technology. It was runner- up award for Technology Leadership.

Runner-Up – Technology Leadership 2018

The next highlight for the year for me is definitely the progression of the Toastmaster journey. I joined Toastmasters in September 2018. I was the runner-up in Humors speech competition in that season. But I was not able to proceed beyond the Area level competition in 2018. However, I was able to go beyond Humors competition in 2019 representing Area J4. I won the title in Area competition and represented the Area at Division stage. That experience was really amazing – certainly a post-worthy experience.

Division Contest
Toastmasters Division Conference

One of the best things that I have tried out this year was moving to Audible. Handling all the physical books was getting out of hand and it was really hard to find time to sit and read a book peacefully. Audible gives me a perfect solution. Thanks to Audible majority of my traveling time are now utilized to read (listen) to books!

2019 as a year was a good one. Most goals were met – some goals were not completed. Some KPI achieved, some were not. Some plans were executed as expected and some were not. That is how life is, we can’t predict everything as we expect!

New year will always give a new ray of hope. Plan what you want to achieve and work for it.

I wish all of you a wonderful and successful new year!

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