“A Promised Land” By Barack Obama

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Finally, I was able to finish ‘A promised land’, By Barack Obama, the most anticipated book of 2020. This was by far the longest audiobook that I’ve put myself occupied. It was 29 hours (29 hours and 10 minutes) long and it took me nearly 2 months to finish.

This is the first volume of his presidential memoirs. Obama takes his readers from the very early ages of his political campaign to become the 44th president of the United States. He talked about how he handled the 2008 financial crisis and lots of other problems that he faced during his term.

A political biography will always raise questions to some readers. Some may not agree with what the author has written for certain events. But as in the perspective of the political literature, this book covers Obama’s thinking pattern and how he approached problems. There are certainly lots of things to get from this book. His 2008 campaign trail/ chapters about his family life and how he balanced out his family life and most powerful job in the world were certainly more interesting chapters for me.

The audible version of the book is narrated by Barack Obama himself. That could be one of the reasons for sticking to this long audiobook for me. I was a big fan of Obama’s speeches since his presidential bid. His strong voice and rightfully crafted hand gestures keep listeners attract to his speeches.

I’m keeping my eyes on the second volume of this book and reading listening to this book reminds me that I should read Michelle Obama’s Becoming’

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