Right folks, This is some random thought that came into my mind which I am executing. Reviewing a book requires an enormous amount of knowledge in books. I am not an expert critic. But this is my attempt to tell about certain books. More importantly how I feel after reading a book.

I love reading anything. I was a bookworm when I was in the school. I have missed reading books last couple of years. I usually spend a few thousand rupees each year to buy books ( which I tried to reduce from this year onward ). Colombo International Book Fair is one of most important event that I am not trying to miss on each year. Big Bad Wolf is also becoming to be a competitor.

My interest has changed from fiction to biographic recently. Following visionary leaders could be the reason for this. Big Bad Wolf 2018 edition had lots of biographic, I got a couple of them.
This doesn’t mean that I have stopped reading fictions. I still love reading them whenever I got a chance. Dan Brown is still my favorite author to the date.

Also, I love to read books about Buddhism. I have a collection of books about various topics taught in Buddhism.

Right now I am reading a book called “How to get rich” By Donald Trump and Meredith McIver. I have purchased this on Colombo International Book Fair two year back. I will share my thoughts on next post.

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  1. Chamal, you say “Reviewing a book requires an enormous amount of knowledge in books.” That’s not necessarily true.

    The trick is to start by reviewing books that mean something directly to you. If you read biographies, think about what it is about the person whose life is depicted that struck you; what did you take away from that book? And how did the book put those things over? In time, you will read different biographies about the same person; then you will be able to compare and contrast the books, based on how well they have described aspects of the person’s life that you know about.

    The same thing will apply to novels. Good novels will use the story-telling device to say something about the world or the way the author sees things. Again, your reaction to the novel is important; how well did the author get their ideas over using the novel’s devices of plot, setting and characterisation? If the novel is about themes or settings you know about, how well has the author portrayed them? Has the author made mistakes in these things? (Authors are only human, after all.) Do those mistakes affect the way you reacted to the book? And how believable are the characters?

    You have a collection of books on Buddhism. How have these books affected your life? Have they changed what you personally believe? Have they helped shape your life in positive ways? I should imagine that these are important things that others who are exploring Buddhism might want to know if they are looking for similar books, and you might well be the only person reviewing those books.

    “Every journey starts with a single step” someone once said. You have to start your reviewing somewhere; only by doing will you develop the skills to become a good reviewer. Search for reviews of your favourite books and see what others have written. Many review blogs and sites will have some way of showing other readers’ reaction to those reviews. See how others have reacted and try to get some idea of how good a review it is.

    Then start writing your own reviews. I started writing reviews as I catalogued my own book collection on an app called LibraryThing (, but as I have a past as a librarian, you might expect I’d be attracted by an app that allowed me to create a catalogue! As I got better at reviewing, I realised that my reviews were only being read by other LibraryThing users; most of its users are in the USA, and I’m UK-based, so some of what I reviewed was of little interest (though you should never let that stop you; you may provide the only feedback on a particular book, and at some point someone else looking for that particular book will find your review and it will be important to them); so I set up a separate book review blog and cross-posted my reviews to it. (Occasionally, some film and music reviews get on there as well.) You are welcome to have a look at my reviews (, and if you have any questions on reviewing – or on any of my reviews! – please feel free to contact me.

    But remember – I’ve been doing this for some time and reading for a lifetime. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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