Cross browser testing

A web application that behaves precisely as expected in one web browser might have some issues when run in another web browser. Application might work well in Google Chrome but not in Safari or in Firefox. Reasons for this is that different browsers render the applets, JavaScript, Flash, AJAX requests in different ways.

It’s very important as a QA professional to do a cross browser testing for a website. Recently I had the chance to dig more into this as I got an assignment with regard to this. Here are my findings in this area.

How do you conduct a cross browser testing?

Most simple way or the most common way to start would be to develop a set of check list of the functions that web site must perform & then methodically open up the web site in multiple browsers to very against the checklist.


There are some commercial tools such as BrowserStack, SauceLabs which have the capability to do the cross browser testing. These tools also can be used for the test Automation.

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