“How to Get Rich” – Donald Trump and Meredith McIver

I saw this book at CIBF (Colombo International Book Fair) in 2017. This book immediately caught my attention and title could be a one of the reason. Also, there is Trump’s quote in the book – “Five billion reasons why you should read this book”. This is the economy edition of the original book, So it doesn’t have the colored images. If I am not mistaken this was priced under 1000 LKR. This was first published in 2004 by Ballantine Books. This has around 300 pages with 06 chapters.

From the readers perspective when I bought this, I was expecting to read some insight information on how he(trump) made the deals. 

I also think chapter arrangement could have been better. Sometimes it feels that chapters added without any proper sequence. It feels that he is explaining a bunch of his life stories. This is not by far the best book I have read. but this could be an interesting book for those who like autobiographies/biographies.

Everyone will not like this book, the way he writes/ or the way he explains things. Most of the examples in this book are about Trump’s personal experiences. How he works / How he manages things etc. This book is written in a unique way (Trump’s way).

My rating for the book is 5/10.

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