Software Testing 101 – Test Automation

Test Automation is the use of software to control the execution of tests. Test Automation is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of the software testing.

Manual software testing is done by a human sitting in front of a computer, going through the set of screens/ checking the logics.  Automated software testing is an alternative to manual testing, where software tools, not human executes the tests.

Most commonly used test automation tools in the industry
  • Selenium
  • Telerik
  • Appium
  • Cucumber
  • HP Win Runner

Test Automation benefits

  • Improves the testing efficiency
  • Cost reduction on test
  • Human resources are free to use some other tests such as exploratory tests
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Re usability

Things to consider when doing the test automation

There are some facts/things that you need to consider before deciding the test automation for a project.

  • Status of the Project: Requirement should be finalized and more importantly stable. Another aspect would be the User Interfaces. UIs should be finalized, as it could be costly to change the automation suite to accommodate requirement changes/UI changes.
  • Resources: Skilled resources will always play a role. Building the automation script requires a programming knowledge. Also it would be good to pick a person who has the knowledge on the particular tool.
  • Tool: How well the selected tool support to your project? Does it have a good community support?


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