Updating Lumia 920 to Windows 10

Windows 10 – For mobile has been there for awhile now, but haven’t had a chance to get familiarize with it. Yesterday I thought to update my Lumia 920 (which runs on Windows 8.1). It’s a pretty smooth process, no
hassle.Before proceeding to the upgrade, I should tell that below steps that I’ve tried are for a Lumai 920. In general these should be the same for other windows devices. You need to take risk of updating the device ( and its consequences )

Prerequisites/Things you should know before the update

  • Download Windows Insider – We are going to update our device from an application called, Windows Insider. (It’s basically the ‘Developer Preview’ application), and these builds are not official releases by Microsoft. So there can be scenarios, where your phone might not work as it should be (bugs). So by enrolling in the Windows Insider, You are agreeing to accept these risks. This can be done by simply going to the Windows Store and
search for Windows Insider.

  • Backup the device – It is always, ALWAYS recommended to back up the phone before doing an upgrade. In case, anything goes wrong you can  easily restore the backup.
  • Windows devices recovery tool (Optional) – If you are unsatisfied about Windows 10, you have the option to rollback to Windows 8.1 (or whatever the OS you have before the upgrade). So download and install this on your computer, In case of emergency.

Right, Let’s start update

Open up the Windows
Insider app, Select Get preview builds option.
There you will get two options,
  • Insider Slow – By selecting this, you can get the most
    stable build. But this build may or may not have latest updates. Also If there
    are any problems, there are workarounds for those. This is basically a risk free option.
  • Insider Fast – From this you can get the latest release. But
    on other hand, latest release might not be the most stable one. This may have
    bugs and unexpected scenarios. Also If you found something fishy, there is
    chance you may not found a workaround for that.
In my case, I’ve selected Insider Fast. Because I like to take risks 😀

Right, You will get a screen like below depending on your selection on above step, then it will start downloading the OS. Note that your device may reboot after this step.

What you need to do is, Go back to the Phone updates & check for an update ( Settings -> Update ). Then you will see something like this.

Once you tap on the download button, you may direct to the below screen. There you can see the version number of the build that you are going to download.

Tap on download button to initiate the download button, If you have a good internet connection, then your OS will be downloaded in 10-20 minutes.

After the download, You may get a screen like below. Once you tap on Install, Phone will install OS update and
that would take around 20-30 minutes.

After that you will navigate to the data migration screen, this may also take another 20-30 minutes (all depends on
number of apps you have / amount of data on the device)Remember to do a device reboot after the data migration.
After all of this (If everything goes well) , You will have a device with Windows 10. After the installation, You have to update all of your apps ( You need to go to the new Windows 10 – Store and update the apps )

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